Family Tree

beef jerky strips

Uncle Ervin's Gold Standard

Lean cuts of carefully selected beef produce a real beef texture that isn't mushy, gummy, or impossible to chew.

Complimentary spices are blended just so to produce natural, bold flavors that enhance real meat taste.

Small batches are slowly processed and real wood smoked, drawing out natural color, preserving meat fibers, and creating our uncommon steak-like chew.

1985 - The Start

Ervin Herzik, Jr. left rice farming and created H&B Smoked Sausage. The first smokehouse was built behind his home in El Campo, Texas. H&B's unique flavors and superior product quality developed a loyal following that required the business to expand.

H and B Smoked Sausage Building
Junior's Smokehouse Retail Store Front

2005 - A New Era

Jr.'s Texas Best Smokehouse, a smokehouse facility and retail store, opened in Wharton, Texas. The new location allowed Junior's to offer a wider product range, including jerky, smoked sausage, dried sausage, and summer sausage. These products quickly became a regional success.

Today - A Texas Brand

We are proud of our smoked meats heritage and authentic Texas approach to making jerky the right way. We hope you find the Uncle Ervin's brand as enjoyable as we do. Welcome to the family.

Uncle Ervin's Premium Texas Jerky logo

At Uncle Ervin's, our Core Values serve as the foundation for our business reflecting our legacy and dedication to quality. They are the soul of our business and guide us everyday to deliver exception quality and detail to our products. Taste the tradition, quality, and dedication in every bite – that's the Uncle Ervin's difference.